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Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully

Denis G. Campbell

Lightning Source POD



Never normalize and always remember. Hillary Clinton was cruising to victory. In an ‘October surprise’ two weeks before the election, FBI Director Comey released a letter questioning her e-mails that crashed support and gave an improbable victory to Donald Trump as the 45th President. His shambolic transition, angry inauguration, protests by 4 million women and first 230 days in office were a car crash. The pace was frenetic. Every decision taken was made to destroy President Obama's legacy. And he had a fundamental meanness and mental instability to his actions. He was and remains a deplorable tweeting bully. Journalist Denis Campbell covered it weekly in The Three Muckrakers podcast. This book offers a first look at a shameful and feckless US businessman president.


Product Format: Paperback

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