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Billionaires' Election Freak Show

Denis G. Campbell

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In 2012 presidential campaigns were simpler. Politicians 'mansplained' women's reproductive systems, cultural issues led the way, and attack adverts flooded the airwaves. But behind it all, a handful of billionaires spent millions of dollars on Mitt Romney. And it was not enough to stop Barack Obama from winning a second term in the White House. Democrats learned in 2004 it wasn't enough to be against George Bush, they had to be FOR John Kerry. Republicans were not as quick a study. They were against Obama, but they could not persuade enough people to vote FOR the Governor. Romney's 47% remark came back to haunt him as he got 0% of the African American vote, lost Hispanics by 60 points, and women by 30. Only rich, white men supported him, but he needed 62% of them to win and fell far short. We explain how it all happened.


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