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Sell Your House Faster Professional Advice, Tips, and Hints for Home Sellers, Landlords & Estate Agents

David Norrington

Lightning Source POD



Sell your home faster with great photography. One of the most important factors in selling a home, or renting it to prospective tenants, is to get people through the door to view it. The best way to get attention is with great photos of the interior and exterior. Some properties are more photogenic than others, however there are ways of getting the best out of any property, so more people are tempted to come and view it. This guide will show you how to get the very best out of your house, and how to actually take great photos yourself. It's ideal for pro photographers who want to specialise in property photography, or add it as a new service. It's also ideal for estate agents who do their own photography, or to homeowners and landlords who want to do it themselves. Using this book you can get tips from a retired professional property photographer. David Norrington worked for many estate agents, independent landlords, and private vendors, taking thousands of photographs of hundreds of buildings. Great photography helps to get more viewings, and that leads to a faster sale. This book will show you how to make your property stand out from the crowd.


Product Format: Paperback

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