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The Essence of Magic

David Lawrence

Independently Published




A Wizard whispers to a summer breeze. It echoes through the woodland trees, for Tassel the Elf to come to him, to warn him that the future's grim.

We follow Tassel's adventures, where happiness or danger lurk around every spell. From Goblins and Wizards, to Fairy Queens and Water Nymphs, Tassel risks everything when he enters another dimension to rescue his friends and uses the very Essence of Magic to try and return home.


Edition Format: Deluxe Hardback Edition

Customer Reviews (3)


Amazon Customer from Scotland. This is a wonderful story for grandparents to read aloud to their young grandchildren. Beautifully illustrated and presented, the adventures of Tassel the Elf require children to use their imagination as they enter this magical world of elves, fairies and goblins. These stories are uplifting and positive and lend themselves to being read night after night.

Laura from Wales. I love this book. You can read a little bit every night with the children and I really look forward to what happens next. Lovely stories, lovely pictures. It's a really beautiful book to have in the home.

John from England. The is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book, with stories of elves and fairies, goblins, wizards, water nymphs, and more. Magical transformations, a broken rainbow, and a stolen stream - this set of adventures really takes the imagination for a ride!

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