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Pirates at the Bottom of the Bed

David Lawrence

Lightning Source POD



Timothy receives a mysterious present from Santa - a small, unremarkable torch. But, when he goes to bed, he finds that his torch has some magic properties. He is mysteriously transported to another world - a world where pirates live and he has to keep his wits about him if he is to return home safely. This is the first in a series of charming tales about a little boy, his magic torch, and the amazing places he visits. Is it all a dream? Read for yourself and make up your own mind!


Product Format: Paperback

Customer Reviews (6)


S.J.Sharkey from Scotland. Super wee read. Great bedtime reading to or for kids. Recommend.

Jill from Wales. Delightful story with charming illustrations. Would say buy for your young relatives

JA Jones from Wales. This is a beautifully imaginative bedtime story for small children. The language is lovely enough to border on being poetic, while still being easy enough for a small child to understand. The simple illustrations are the perfect partner for this "fairy-tale" style magic. I understand that this is the first in a series of books - I will certainly be ordering the others as they become available. Bravo to Lawrence & Bagnall! I sincerely hope to see a collection of these books adorn my daughter's bookcase one day!

C. Sharkey from Cheshire. Such a lovely little book and charming pictures. A favourite already! Great for a bedtime. Looking forward to the next one being available

Mrs D A jones from Wales. Delightful little book. Nice pictures and good, clear font used. Just the right length for a bedtime story! Bought for one granddaughter but will buy for others. This is Volume 1 - I'll look forward to Volume 2!

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