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Larry A Rescue Pony's Story of Love After Neglect

D. E. Kendall

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Based on real events. Larry's story is one of hope and love after cruelty and oppression. A stark view of the dark side of our modern equestrian world, interlaced with humour and reflection. Through the telling of his story from Larry's perspective, you're hard-pressed not to fall in love with his cheeky character and resilience! Suited to animal-lovers with or without equine knowledge, this story really makes the reader think, but the love and kindness shown in this book shines through! Through her research and brilliant use of description and dialogue, D E Kendall tugs at your heart, and then lifts you with humour and compassion. If you have never owned a horse, it will give you an insight into horse ownership. And if you already own a horse, you will relate to the tale and recognise many of the situations Larry had to endure.


Product Format: Paperback

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