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COMING IN 2019 - A Simple Guide to Business Law for Startups

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As if starting up a business wasn't complicated enough, right? What do you need to get in place before you start trading? More importantly, what are your legal requirements, and the implications if you get it wrong? Complying with the law is one thing, making sure your business is on a sound footing with the necessary procedures in place is another. Making sure you, your staff, and your customers are safe is of paramount importance. But where can you go for legal advice that won't cost a fortune? That's where this book comes in. With references to relevant legislation, and checklists for every section, you have a simple and easy guide to your legal obligations at your fingertips - without the hourly cost of a solicitor to pay. Written by an experienced solicitor in easy to understand language, this guide will show you exactly what's required for any small business wanting to trade legally, and safely in the UK.

Chris Barber is an experienced solicitor, specialising in law for business. He's worked with many SMEs from sole traders to multi-million pound corporations, saving them time and money on their legal affairs. Chris has a passion for helping small businesses in particular, and this book is his way of answering many of the questions he regularly gets asked by entrepreneurs who approach him for advice and guidance.

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