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Up to My Neck

Cheryl O'Brien

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Possibly my favourite mix of subjects. Women, Men and the Birds and Animals we share our planet with. All high on my list of observations of how we deal with life. In Women you will meet all kinds of ladies from Mermaids to Corpses, Gigi my ageing dancer to ladies who never get it right, those who wait for their man, little madam’s and even a potted history of myself. Men, now there’s a subject I probably could have dedicated a whole book to. I’m sure some of you will recognise something in all of them. We have the supporters, the hipsters and the boy racer right through to the duplicitous lover who gets caught out. To balance the book I finish with a look at some of the birds and animals that bring such inspiration. All you have to do is sit back and relax.


Product Format: Paperback

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