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Once Upon a Time

Cheryl Bass

Wordcatcher Publishing




Are you someone who has wondered if you are an entrepreneur or why entrepreneurs do what they do? Are you someone who would like to become more entrepreneurial and get frustrated wondering why others do what they do and perhaps what holds you back? This book is essential reading for anyone who:
is an entrepreneur
who would like to become more entrepreneurial
who works with entrepreneurs either one-to-one or in a group setting or an organisation that interfaces or supports entrepreneurs
or is someone who would like to understand what are some of the factors that help build the entrepreneurial personality and posture

This book is highly informative, and it draws upon 3 years of research by the writer working with managers using the profiling tool and 2 years research leading to this dissertation being written. It is the original dissertation written as part of a Master of Arts qualification taken at The Durham Business School in Durham University, during 2000/2001. The original Title ONCE UPON A TIME How childhood development impacts upon entrepreneurial posture. The dissertation won a distinction, the Dissertation of The Year Award 2001 in Durham University and a bursary by The Institute of Transactional Analysis for the originality of the research and its breaking into new ground into the research and understanding surrounding entrepreneurial personality. The dissertation was supervised by Professor David Johnson who passed away quite suddenly last year a young fit and exceptionally talented man, who made a considerable impact upon the entrepreneurial debate of nature vs nurture and the psychology surrounding people at work. The work has been since used extensively by the author as the backbone to many training and development programmes for entrepreneurs and in recent years has been used for the purpose of developing materials and an Aspire programme written in the pursuit of developing female entrepreneurs in her business I AM WOMAN, www.iamwoman.biz. So, if you want to delve into exploring the entrepreneurs personality this essential piece of research can help you get one step closer to gaining a greater understanding of some of the essential building blocks that builds an individuals psyche and ego, which you can use to equip you discover the whys behind and within your and others entrepreneurial posture.

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