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When Writers Become Friends, by Ann Brady

When Writers Become Friends, by Ann Brady
13 Sep 2019

As an Author and Mentor, I am often asked by new writers if being a writer is a lonely place to be. I have to answer that ‘Yes, sometimes it is.’ But one must remember that we are all in the same boat!  

We have finally finished our written a piece of work, had it published – sometimes after many months of waiting – and now we are out there in the big wide world trying to get the readers to buy a copy. In fact, lots of copies. Hopefully to show those closest to us that all our efforts, and their faith in our ability, hasn’t been in vain. Which of course it hasn’t.  

Whilst our family and friends are our ardent supporters and believers, unfortunately we writers sometimes tend to have less belief in ourselves. We wonder whether what we have written is really that good but hang on it wouldn’t be in print if it wasn’t. That’s why being part of a group is one way for us to understand we are not alone.  

Also, having the same publisher and being able to meet up as a group certainly helps us come through those odd little moments of insecurity. And it is this which makes us writers, regardless of the genre or form we write in, discover we have a second family. We come to accept that those authors, poets, writers and illustrators, whom we get to know well, truly understand those moments of doubt we all suffer from. And suffer we do. Even if, occasionally we try to deny it. Mind you when you do fall under one publishers banner it makes the second family a little more homely and familiar.  

The best thing about belonging to this second family becomes more obvious when you are out and about, attending events such as book fairs, signings, readings or talks. We go along to offer our support to the presenting writer just as our co-writers come along to our events to offer their support to us.  

And if they happen to turn up unexpectedly sometimes? Well, we are probably secretly a little more delighted by their presence as they may not realise how they boost our moral with the support they are showing us.  

One should never feel alone being a writer. At the end of the day we are all in this writing world together, even when chasing the same types of readers. Hang on isn’t that what a family is all about? Chasing the same things?


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When Writers Become Friends, by Ann Brady

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