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Secret Tunnel in Cardiff? by John F. Wake

Secret Tunnel in Cardiff? by John F. Wake
6 Sep 2019

Is it still there? At the time of levelling the ground to build the first Town Hall, in High Street, the labourers found extensive foundations for very thick walls. It made the construction of the Hall difficult. It was reported that they found a circular stone staircase descending to a considerable depth below High Street. The 12th century castle is close by, and also this was in the hinterland of the Roman Fort from the 3/4th century. This deep staircase must surely still be there under the street. Whatever direction it led off in is unknown (yet!). Those early 19th century builders may have stumbled across what was to become the legend of the Cardiff Secret Tunnel. We know there is a tunnel that runs under the Castle Arcade and is entered via a door just inside the arcade near Mario's Italian Cafe. That tunnel was constructed at the same time as the arcade to house storehouses and workshops. There is another entrance that runs into Womanby Street. If the builders just filled in the circular stone descending staircase they found, then it is still there and probably runs to the castle. Or was it even earlier? Perhaps we shall never know.


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