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'HORRORS OF THE DEAD HOUSE' Policing Cardiff's brutal Victorian South Side by John F. Wake

'HORRORS OF THE DEAD HOUSE' Policing Cardiff's brutal Victorian South Side by John F. Wake
23 Jul 2019

A new book looks at the worst side of Cardiff Victorian life; the poverty and the crime it spawned.

The class divide created major injustices within the tens of thousands of immigrants looking for work in the burgeoning port. Butetown's long-lost first police station was described in the mid-19th century as 'Cardiff's answer to the Black Hole of Calcutta'. John F. Wake has found the location of the building and some of the men who worked there, and some of the people they arrested.

The Dead Houses (today's morgues) were hellish places, one was situated in today's Mill Lane. The book takes you through some gruesome stories associated with it.

Walking with the Cardiff Borough Officers you are taken into some of the most deprived dwellings in Cardiff and deal with some of the most harrowing of criminal cases. Follow the amazing life of a Tiger Bay police sergeant, his trials and tribulations, even his own misdemeanours.

This book is full of the sinister and torturous side of Cardiff life, virtually what the policeman saw in his day and night duties. What happened to Sergeant Howard? How did he die? Was it murder? Cardiff's first police dog was not the breed one would expect and of surprising origin.The tragic trials of young women accused of murdering their own baby is examined.


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