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Bevan Commission

Bevan Commission

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The Bevan Commission, hosted and supported by Swansea University, provides independent, authoritative advice on health and care to the Welsh Government and leaders in NHS Wales, the UK and beyond.

We are translating thinking into action by supporting health and care professionals across NHS Wales, called Bevan Exemplars, to test out their own expert ideas. These Bevan Exemplar projects demonstrate a project completion success rate of 70%, a 5:1 return on investment in economic benefits, and improved health outcomes, patient experiences and service delivery.  

We believe that good health and care is everyone’s responsibility, so we work with individual community members and community networks to ensure their views are heard and inform the health and care debate.

The Commission, chaired by Profession Sir Mansel Aylward, draws its expertise from members based in Wales, the UK and internationally. Its global reach is demonstrated by the firm links it has with national governments, academia and national health systems in Australasia, Europe and North America.



Bevan Commission


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