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Rowa's Yellow Box

Onion Custard Kids




Rowas Yellow Box is the third in the series of beautifully illustrated books for 3 to 6 year old children. They are family oriented stories where the children have coloured boxes to play with. But, occasionally there is something inside a box which takes the child, and other family members, on an exciting magical adventure.

In this third book, Rowa is playing with her cousins Opin and Flikity when she opens a yellow box. Inside she finds bananas and a cake which take them on a magical safari adventure. They see many animals, big and small, cuddly and scary, but where did the bananas go? They return home to share the cake and snuggle up in sleeping bags to dream of their favourite animals.

The books are based on the author's own family and their experiences. They make good bedtime stories as at the end of each book the children go to bed and say night-night. The stories are also valuable as early readers as they incorporate many of the first words which children learn to read.


Select Edition: Standard Edition (216mmx216mm)

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Rhiannon J. from Amazon Review. My two year old daughter absolutely loves this book! She really enjoys talking about all the safari animals. We always finish up reading this book by trying to think of other things that are yellow. I love how this book makes use of so much varied and advanced vocabulary. It's such a magical story, and really inspiring for children just starting out with imaginary play. I also appreciate the painted, realistic illustrations and the fact that the characters are actually human children and not anthropomorphic animals :) It's a firm favorite in our house!

David Morgan. Educational Psychologist. from Wales. Children deserve the opportunity to read enjoyable stories that do not talk down to them. This series of books provides that opportunity. The stories are enjoyable with a sense of anticipation which leaves young readers wanting to find out what happens next. They progress in reading difficulty from red to blue and then yellow but they can be read in any order. I would definitely provide these books to young children who are developing as readers.

Amazon Customer from Amazon Review. Yet another exciting book to get the children's imagination going Another fantastic book in the Opins magic box series. It is a well loved favourite bedtime story in our house and both boys age 8 and 5 really love the exciting adventures. Can't recommend highly enough!! It certainly gets the imagination of the boys working and encourages them to read.

Shazia England from Amazon Review. Lovely Story A review by my five year old son "I really love how Audrey writes, it's like real life and I wish I could step into the book and meet Felicity, Opin and Rowa" :-)

Amazon Customer from Amazon Review. Lovely book A+++ I bought this for my 3 year old son and he absolutely loves it. We have the other's in the collection and they really seem to catch my son's attention. He has learnt his colours effortlessly with the help of these books. The illustrations are great, filling the pages so that it is easy to follow the adventure - you really feel you are there with them. Highly recommend

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