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Flikity's Red Box

Onion Custard Kids




Flikitys Red Box is the second in the series of beautifully illustrated books for 3 to 6 year old children. They are family oriented stories where the children have coloured boxes to play with. But, occasionally there is something inside a box which takes the child, and other family members, on an exciting magical adventure.

In this second book, Flikity and Opin were playing with their magic boxes when Flikity opened a red one and found red skis and boots inside. She goes on an exciting skiing adventure with her Daddy and her Uncle Ben. They experience gondolas and chair lifts and meet some special rescue dogs before returning home tired and happy in time for bed.

The books are based on the author's own family and their experiences. They make good bedtime stories as at the end of each book the children go to bed and say night-night. The stories are also valuable as early readers as they incorporate many of the first words which children learn to read.


Select Edition: Large Format (240mmx240mm)

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