Attitudes to Adoption

A series of books with articles by individuals from different groups, talking about their experiences before, during, and after the adoption process.

These books represent differing views and opinions from people here in the UK and abroad. Each has unique adoption stories to share. They will be recommended to potential adopters and their extended families and aim to help people who are starting the adoption journey.

The aim is to recognise that it’s okay to have different thoughts around adoption, both positive and negative. It is also okay for thoughts to change over different points of the process.

This series is honest, relevant, sometimes blunt, and invaluable to those who are part of an adoption journey.

1 - Birth Family 
Without them there would be no adoption. Giving up a child is a traumatic decision, and stems from many causes. Each has their own painful and heart-breaking story to reveal. Do we, as adopters, really understand their trauma?

2 - Mums
We're all supposed to love our kids unconditionally, right? Wrong. Adopting mums talk about their own personal experiences. You may be surprised to find out you're not alone in how you feel/have felt at times. These mum's talk about trauma, attachment, and many other adoption-related issues. Like how they have survived schools, non-adoptive friends, and the need for copious amounts of chocolate and alcohol. 

3 - Dads
It's a hard job. Men are so often categorised as not being in touch with their own emotions and feelings.  Well, here's a group of dads that do talk about the subject. Some of these men have returned to work, while some have become the stay-at-home dad's.  

4 - Grandparents
Grandparents can be an essential part of the adoption journey.  Their help and support, both emotional and physical, is invaluable to both their own children and the new grandchild. This book will help grandparents to realise that they are not alone, and that many of their worries and fears are perfectly natural. 

5 - Professionals
Often typecast as 'The Bad Guys' in the adoption story. The many professionals in the adoption journey are human beings with feelings and emotions too. Here you get the opportunity to hear their stories. 

6 - Foster Carers
Some of the most important and influential people during the adoption journey.  Where would we be without them?  
The job that so many of us say “I couldn’t do what you do.” How do they manage their feelings and emotions?  How do they prepare children for adoption? What about long term foster carers, single foster carers and those that foster many children with special needs? How do birth children feel about their parents fostering?  Now you can hear directly from Foster Carers and their children about their experiences, both the positives and the negatives.

Do you have a story to tell?

The author is looking for contributions - named or anonymous - and if you'd like to share yours, please contact Elizabeth Archer via us here at Wordcatcher Publishing.