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50 Famous People A Collection of Poetry - Vol. 1

Arthur Cole

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I was at a loss with regard to my next poetry project. As a result I asked the members of my Facebook page ‘Arthur’s Poems and Anecdotes’ what they would like as the next book. There were many suggestions, and after deliberation I decided on the title ‘50 Famous People'. I carried out a poll amongst the members as to who they would like to be included. The individuals could be from any walk of life, and period in history. I was surprised by the eclectic mix of names put forward. After the poll closed, I was left with the task of selecting the 50 to be included in the book and they include politicians, sportsmen, writers, poets, war heroes, and infamous individuals. I took great pleasure in writing the poems, and in the process I learned much. I would like to thank and dedicate the book to all members of the group, for their support throughout the project.


Product Format: Paperback

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