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17 Days - The Shocking True Story of Dan's Cancer Diagnosis

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This book recounts the tragic story of Dan Logan, bright student and rugby player, and his sudden, unexpected battle with cancer. It follows his diagnosis, and subsequent treatment and care in three different hospitals, all over the space of seventeen days.

It is an honest, emotional account of how a vibrant young man fought cancer in a brutally short space of time, and the harrowing effect his death had on the people around him.


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Cate - Amazon 5 ***** Real Writer You are a writer now Anne Logan. A very real writer. So SAD for your losses but hopeful you've found some comfort. Best wishes Anne/

Amazon customer from . A must read. What an amazing, touching, heartbreaking, funny at times read .it'svery rare I find the time to read but I couldn't put this book down. I felt as if I was there going through it with her.

Nikki Old from . I couldn't stop crying. What a tragic story. You clearly had an amazing relationship with your son. I don't know how you recover from something like this but you must have incredible strength. He looks a lovely lad and I can't imagine what life is like without him.

Asthmagirl from . Very detailed and very moving, honest story, once I started I had to read it all. Tragic for all concerned. Dan sounded like a lovely man.

Phil Pearson from Manchester. A truly moving read. Your love for Dan shines out of every page.

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