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Woodland Series - Playing Hide and Seek




Dora Dormouse is on her way to have tea with Timmy Tortoise when she comes across Alex Ant who is playing hide and seek. Alex Ant asks for Dora Dormouses help as he needs to count to ten so he can go to find the hidden ants. Dora tries to help but is finding it hard so she asks for help from Sammy Spider. But even with Sammy Spiders help they still cant count to ten. Only when Godfrey Grasshopper comes along and tells them what to do can they manage to count to the right number. Once they have Alex Ant can go and look for the hidden ants. Can you help Alex Ant count the right numbers and find the hidden ants?


Edition Format: Standard Edition- 216x216mm

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Katia Fotiadou from Cardiff Bay. The new version of the books launched in November are fabulous. My daughter loves them so much she has decided to write her own story book and Pen & Ink are helping her. I am so delighted for her.

Jan Nelson from Gers, France. Bought a set of books for some local children and they have gone down a treat. They really enjoyed reading them.

Angeline Sang from Taipei, Taiwan. My children love these books. The pictures are really pretty and they are helping the children to learn English

Kate Lloyd from Miskin, Wales. The new versions of the books launched in November last year are fabulous. My daughter loves them.

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