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Woodland Series - Bella's Birthday Surprise




Flora Frog, Godfrey Grasshopper and all the Little Friends are gathering in the woods. They are organising a birthday party for Bella Bee who has gone with Dolly Dragonfly to the garden to collect pollen. Bennie Bug and Betsy Beetle, along with Sarah Butterfly and Leah Ladybird are collecting nice things for the party. And Carrie Caterpillar has gone to get the birthday present and Godfrey Grasshopper the cake. Everyone will be at the party including Freddie Fly, the Glow-worms and Sammy Spider. Even the Ants are coming with their musical instruments so everyone can dance. Come and join the fun and see how happy Bella Bee is with the big surprise.


Edition Format: Large Edition- 240mmx240mm

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