Andrew Scowcroft

Andrew Scowcroft, author

My whole career has been in and around management.  I started as a hospital manager in England and rose to executive board level during my 16 years in that vocation.  Towards the end of that period my interest in developing people became greater than my desire to have a big office, big budgets and big headaches, so in 1988 I moved to Wales and into management development, initially still in the NHS, but in 2001 I left the public sector to set up my own management training company.

In addition to my health management qualifications I have achieved chartered membership of the CIPD, and am a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.  Completing the 'alphabet soup' after my name above is my Master's degree in Learning and Change in Organisations which I obtained (with distinction) in 2002.

My core belief is that people  deserve to be well managed at work, and that includes the managers themselves.  Finding the distinction between management and leadership both sterile and unhelpful I consider the profession of management to be in need of serious attention.  Other professions expect their members to be trained and tested before being let loose - doctors, pilots, lawyers etc., yet we see management competence as something that will be picked up by trial and error.  This is a poor way to treat managers and an even poorer way to treat the people they look after.

Since setting up my own company I have always sought to provide practical "I can use this tomorrow" skills rather than dense theory or ill fitting concepts.  My clients expect to have their abilities and performance improved by working with me and I also expect nothing less.  My practice is, however, underpinned by the best of current management theory and, as a visiting lecturer at Hereford and Ludlow College , I remain well connected with the latest thinking.  I also work regularly with MBA students in Universities across the UK and their hunger for knowledge keeps me on my professional toes.

I now live and work mainly in South Wales, but if the work is intriguing enough I will travel considerable distances. For example between 2005 and 2013 I travelled regularly to Mumbai, India to run Business Development programmes for one of India' largest multinational companies.

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