Ade Bowen

Ade Bowen is a children's entertainer and a dad.  Living in Weston super Mare with his wife, 2 daughters, 2 cats and a Jack Russel, he has been delivering his unique brand of entertainment since May 2001 and in that time he has delivered over 2,500 parties, corporate events and shows.  He sees his writing as an extension of entertaining. In his spare time he likes perform in pantomime (oh yes he does) and do stand up comedy, which he describes as the scariest thing he has ever done.  Ade tries to blend his stand up comedy and interactive entertainment style into his writing, which creates stories which have a good pace, involve the audience and attempts to make them smile.

Born in Wales, Ade moved to Somerset when he was 10 days old and is happy supporting both England and Wales in the 6 nations.  After a career creating sports opportunities, he picked up a degree in Business Administration before topping that up with a PGCE.  This lead on to 12 years teaching art in community education and five years in marketing before being made redundant, allowing him time to focus on his creative projects - finishing Mr Bowns and writing a TV show, Ade Venture.

The Astounding Adventure of Mr Bowns, the Laziest Man in the World was originally conceived over 20 years ago when Ade was backpacking around Europe.  The bulk of the story was written in Bavarian pubs drinking local beer and eating chips with mayo.

One day he would love to go to Norway, but he is concerned he could never fjord it.