About Wordcatcher Publishing

The term 'hybrid publisher' has been around for a while, but it's not always clear what that means. Wordctacher Publishing Group is proud to be a hybrid publisher, and this is what it means to us...

Wordcatcher Publishing titles are aimed at young adult readers 13 years and over, and adults, and Onion Custard Kids is for children and pre-teens. 

In order to qualify for these imprints we have to be involved in the editorial process, and we also take the lead on cover design. Titles also need to fit into our catalogue. Wordcatcher and Onion Custard Kids publications typically do not involve author's paying for services to get their book into print and distribution - in essence we only make money when we sell books. They follow the 'traditional' publishing model.

Auxillium Press is an imprint of Wordcatcher Publishing Group Ltd and offers publishing where we don't collaborate editorially, and don't always decide on the cover. We might be supplying one or more publishing service, but the author is in creative control and has the final say. The author pays for the services they require, but has the knowledge that the back-room functions of publishing are being taken care of by us. We assist with full production and distribution, and we only get paid for this element when books sell.

Our Partners in White-Label Publishing

We also work with authors and other publishers, providing some or all of the functions they require. Our partners retain complete editorial and creative control, and publish in their own name / under their own imprint. We provide as much or as little support as they need, and fill in the gaps.

Our Guiding Principles

Whatever the imprint, and whatever the service, we aim to:

How Wordcatcher Started

In 2012, the founder of Onion Custard Publishing, David Norrington, started writing books and self-published seven of his own in 15 months. in addition, he published some for business associates and fell into being a publisher. In the early days he worked his way through the problems and challenges that self-published authors face. Moving from working from home, to serviced offices, and then onto the high street, the company continued to offer aa service to self-published authors, but offering a publishing imprint to bring them together. At this time, the company was very much in the assisted publishing mould, charging authors for the services they required. David then took the plunge and opened a bookshop, learning the trade of bookselling. This helped enormously with publishing too - there's no substitute for practical experience in selling books when you publish them too.
This activity led to Onion Custard gaining the attention of a larger publisher, and in being absorbed into them. As is often the way in business, things didn't go according to plan and there was a parting of the ways, but David emerged more determined than ever to offer a quality service and a voice to talent.
In October, 2016, Wordcatcher Publishing was born.
Lots of thought went into creating a new brand and identity, but Onion Custard lives on in the imprint for children. Wordcatcher now reflects a more mature side to publishing with titles for adults, while Onion Custard is for kids. In a departure from the original business model, Wordcatcher now offers no-money-down publishing as well as assisted publishing, catering for a wider range of authors. However, there's a caveat for the assisted publishing - we won't publish just anything just because someone is paying money. We believe in quality, and we refuse to compromise on the integrity of our output just for the money. 
After the first full year of publishing, (we didn't really get going until January 2017), at the end of December 2017, we had 100 titles in distribution.