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A. G. Rivett

A. G. Rivett

About the author

Andrew (A.G.) Rivett was born in London. His first degree was in medicine, and he practised in hospital medicine in London and in a leprosy hospital in northern Nigeria.

‘I’ve always been a writer,’ he says. ‘At school my English teacher would give me twelve out of ten for my essays. I edited the medical school Gazette, and I wrote an un-published collection of short stories, A Thin Place.’

In 1987 he was ordained into the stipendiary ministry of the Church of England. But it was not a very good fit, and after twelve years he returned to medicine as a public health doctor in Southampton.

In 2006 he retired to live in Scotland, living on the remote peninsula of Scoraig and in the spiritual community of Findhorn, where he met his second wife, Gillian Paschkes-Bell. A wordsmith herself, they often work as a writing team. They now live in West Wales.

The inspiration for The Seaborne, his debut novel, came twenty years ago on holiday in Ireland, at which time he wrote some opening chapters, relics of which remain in the published book. The Seaborne is the first book of a planned trilogy.



A. G. Rivett


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